Featured Players
  GM Timur Gareyev
FIDE: 2620

Born in Uzbekistan, Timur is a graduate of the University of Texas in Brownsville where he helped the team win their first national championship. He played for Uzbekistan in the 2004 Chess Olympiad in Calvia, Spain scoring an impressive 8/11 which was the best result for his team. Two years later, in 2006 he also represented Uzbekistan at the Olympiad in Turin, Italy and turned in another best for his team, scoring 8/11 again. In 2007 he tied for first in the Uzbesistani Championship. In 2011 he won the Chicago Open and tied for 3rd in the US Chess Championship in 2013. In 2016, Timur broke the Guinness World Record for Blindfold Chess Simultaneous Chess wins playing 48 games, all while riding an exercise bike! This will be his first appearance in the Calgary International.
  GM Julio Becerra Rivero
FIDE: 2556

Born in Cuba, Julio became a GM in 1997 at the age of 23. He won the Cuban Chess Championship in 1996 and 1998. GM Becerra has represented Cuba in three Olympiads (1994, 1996, 1998), as well as the 1999 FIDE World Chess Championship. He decided to make the USA his home right after the World Championship. Julio resides in Florida where he is an active player and teacher. He is very popular with chess fans as he is willing to play against anyone! Julio is a welcome addition to the Calgary International.
  GM Elshan Moradiabadi
FIDE: 2550
CFC: 2616

Currently living in Texas, Elshan was born and raised in Iran where he also learned chess. In 2001 at the age of 16 he won the Iranian Chess Championship with a score of 10/11. By 2005 he had gained the GM title and has represented Iran in 5 Olympiads. After winning or placing near the top in a variety of tournaments throughout the world, Elshan placed =2nd in the 2012 US Masters Championship. As well, he qualified for the 2011 World Cup. This will be his first visit to the Calgary International.
  GM Bator Sambuev
FIDE: 2513
CFC: 2606

Bator won the 2011 Canadian Closed Championship where he tied with Calgary GM Eric Hansen. Bator won the 2 game playoff to capture the title. He participated in the 2013 World Cup and his first round opponent was no less than GM Morozevich. Bator surprised a number of people by taking his first round to tie-breaks, where the more experienced Morozevich won the hard fought battle. In 2012, Bator won the Canadian Closed with a score of 8.5/9. Bator has just won the 2017 Canadian Closed in Montreal. One of the most active players in the country, Bator is a welcome addition to the Calgary International.
  GM Victor Mikhalevski
FIDE: 2540
CFC: 2594

Victor is no stranger to Calgary. This will be his 7th appearance at the Calgary International Chess Classic, winning the tournament outright in 2010 and 2014. As a defending champion, Victor will be tough to beat. His list of tournament victories includes clear first at Calvia,Spain in 2007, scoring an undefeated 8/9 (winning his first 7 rounds!) and putting in a performance rating of 2876!
  GM Razvan Preotu
FIDE: 2496
CFC: 2633

Razvan earned the IM title at the early age of 15 years and was awarded the GM title at the 2016 FIDE congress at the age of 17. He is gaining rapidly in strength. Razvan currently resides in Ontario and has travelled around the world playing chess. Razvan won the 9th Calgary International with 7/9 and will be defending his victory here in 2017.He is currently one of the strongest players in the world for his age and just recently won the 2017 Canadian Open in Ontario. You can expect great things from this promising young player.
  WGM Sabina-Francesca Foisor
FIDE: 2358
CFC: 2108

Sabina-Francesca was born in Romania where her talent began to show. While representing Romania, she won 3 medals in the European Youth Chess Championship, as well as 3 medals in the European Junior Team Championships. By the time she was 17, she earned the title of Women's Grand Master! Sabina also competed in the Womens World Chess Championship in 2008. She moved to the USA in 2008 and has played in 9 US Women's Chess Championships, as well as representing the USA in 4 Olympiads. Sabina is also the reigning US Womens Champion after winning the tournament held in St. Louis. Sabina will have the distinction of being the first WGM to compete in the Calgary International.
  WIM Agnieszka Matras-Clement
FIDE: 2231
CFC: 2306

Agnieszka is a full time teacher as well as a chess teacher living in Leduc, Alberta. She has been a WIM since 2000 when she was living in Poland. Agnieszka was a member of the Polish National Team from 1997-2002. She is currently the highest rated female player in Alberta as well as one of the strongest female players in Canada. Agnieszka was also a member of the Polish World Champion Team under 20 in 2001 and Champion of Europe under 20 in active chess in 2002. This will be her first appearance in the Calgary Internationnal.
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